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By Philip Giraldi
How the Israel Lobby Works
5 June 2014 | The major organizations that comprise the Israel Lobby are well known: the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the American Jewish Committee (AJC), the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations and Christians United For Israel (CUFI). All are well known, benefiting from large budgets and staffs.

Nobel Peace Laureates to Human Rights Watch: Close Your Revolving Door to U.S. Government
12 May 2014 | The leading human rights organization’s close ties to the U.S. government call its independence into question.

Gilad Atzmon on Jewish Identity Politics (Video)
28 February 2014 | .

By Gilad Atzmon
Zionist media distorting realities
5 February 2014 | If you really want to understand the world we are living in, you’d better stick with the Zionist media.

By Diana Johnstone
The Shoah as State Religion? Blasphemy in Secular France
24 January 2014 | The campaign by the French government, mass media and influential organizations to silence the Franco-Cameroonese humorist Dieudonné M’Bala M’Bala continues to expose a radical split in perception within the French population. The official “mobilization” against the standup comedian, first called for by Interior Minister Manuel Valls at a ruling Socialist Party gathering last summer, portrays the entertainer as a dangerous anti-Semitic rabble rouser, whose “quenelle”* gesture is interpreted as a “Nazi salute in reverse”.

By Gilad Atzmon
Quenelle News
24 January 2014 | Earlier today, Roger Cukierman , the head of CRIF, an umbrella group for Jewish institutions in France, admitted that Anelka’s gesture “was not anti-Semitic” and that he should not be heavily punished.

Gilad Atzmon dismantling Leftist identity politics in ‘the Irish University of Osaka’ (Video)
20 January 2014 | .

Gilad Atzmon about Dieudonné political case : "The abuses must stop"
13 January 2014 | Atzmon speaks about the onslaught of the Black French comedian. He expose the French Left ideological hypocrisy.

It is a story of a guy...a funny guy...Dieudonné (Vidéo)
9 January 2014 | .

By Ariadna Theokopoulos
The French Palestinian Solidarity Deserves a Quenelle!
8 January 2014 | France is the middle of a sweeping popular movement sparked by Dieudonné and symbolized by la Quennelle, a movement that has united young and old, white and black, men and women, the middle class and the unemployed, extreme Left, center and Right, Christians and Muslims and even a few Jews.

Jazz musician and author Gilad Atzmon speaks out in support of Dieudonne
8 January 2014 | Gilad Atzmon, a British Jazz musician and author of "The Wandering Who, A study of Jewish Identity Politics", explains why he supports Dieudonné and what the quenelle gesture means to him…

By Gilad Atzmon
Mazal Tov to Chomsky and Jews Voice for Peace
28 December 2013 | JVP is moving from strength to strength. Though it didn’t liberate Palestine yet, it certainly managed to convince a few Jews that Jewishness is actually a good thing.

By Gilad Atzmon
Alain Finkielkraut, Jews, And Immigration
20 December 2013 | Along the second half of the 20th century many Jewish intellectuals, activists and artists positioned themselves at the forefront of Western advocacy of immigration and multiculturalism. Occasionally we were also expected to believe that immigration, tolerance, pluralism and multiculturalism are intrinsic to Jewish culture and thought.

By Gilad Atzmon
The Sycophantic Palestinian Solidarity Movement
17 December 2013 | In the Palestinian Solidarity Movement we really love celebrities – those famous, rather special people who write great books, play musical instruments (drums included) or even just think great thoughts. We like those people to stand up for Palestine and denounce ‘Zionism’, ‘Israeli Colonialism’ and ‘Apartheid.’ We love them - as long as they don’t say what they really think.

Roger Waters tells the truth against all odds
10 December 2013 | .

Gilad Atzmon at the ’Seek Speak Spread Truth’ conference
6 December 2013 | Atzmon is talking about the ’open society’ and its enemies and the continuum between Political correctness, Identity politics, Zionism and the New Left.

Zionism, Israel, Jewish tribalism and the usage of the ’J word’- By Gilad Atzmon
3 December 2013 | Atzmon and O’keefe scrutinize the role of language in political discussion and Palestine solidarity discourse in particular. In this segment they examine Zionism, Israel, Jewish tribalism and the usage of the ’J word’.

By Gilad Atzmon
Concealment and Truth in Palestine and Beyond
29 November 2013 | The following is the text of a talk I gave at the Seek, Speak and Spread Truth Conference in London last Saturday, 23 November, 2013.

Leading UN investigator: ’Evidently Syrian Rebels used SARIN’
6 May 2013 | Crimes againt humanity are committed by terrorist groups in Syria financed by foreign countries and not by the governement in particular. We say that long-time before the UN report and Carla del Ponte declaration. It is never too late to tell the truth...

Roger Waters’ UN Address in Solidarity with Palestine
"The State of Israel is guilty of a number of international crimes"
3 December 2012 | Roger Waters - singer, composer and a founder member of the rock band Pink Floyd - speaking on behalf of the Russell Tribunal delivers a speech in front of delegates on the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.

Sarkozy won in Israel
7 May 2012 | Nicolas Sarkozy lost French presidential election runoff to socialist candidate François Hollande who won 51.9% of votes. In Israel however, Sarkozy is a real winner.

Interview with Gilad Atzmon
The new inquisitors and their slanderous campaigns
10 April 2012 | Following the publication of the French edition of the “The Wandering Who ?” we asked the jazz star Gilad Atzmon to respond to some charges made against him by those who relentlessly try to stop him from speaking and spread his thoughts.

An article by Rick Rozoff
Sole Military Super-Bloc: NATO Issues Daily Reprieves To The World
5 November 2011 | On October 31 North Atlantic Treaty Organization chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen arrived in the Libyan capital of Tripoli at the end of seven full months of the military bloc’s war in the country and effused: “It’s great to be in Libya, free Libya.”

The small city of Sirte brutally besieged
A plundered and starving population in a city in ruins
28 October 2011 | Where are the valient "human rights defenders"? Especially the signatories (*) of the "urgent appeal to stop the atrocities in Libya," February 21, 2011, concocted by the NGO pro-Israeli UN-Watch? A call that would bring the so-called "international community" to war against a people who did not want it.

Interview with Gilad Atzmon
Gilad Atzmon talks about his latest book “The Wandering Who?”
27 September 2011 | Gilad Atzmon somehow manages to express his thoughts, ignoring any recognised taboos or restrictions. His style is innovative, fresh, and consistently well informed. We have read with great interest his latest book “The Wandering Who? A Study of Jewish Identity” (*). It is a very moving account that should be read by everyone.

What TV channels did not show you
When BHL is being evicted twice from the podium in Benghazi
20 September 2011 | On this hilarious video of anthology, we see Bernard-Henri Lévy (BHL) - even back with dark glasses - being evicted twice from the podium in Benghazi! Perhaps the "rebels" did they remember his claim that the "new" Libya was going to be a friend of Israel? (SC)

Interview with US Ambassador Samuel F. Hart
Those who are able have an obligation to stand up against the oppression of the weak
25 July 2011 | Samuel F. Hart, 77 years old, retired US Ambassador, looks much younger than his age. With intense and calm blue eyes, discreet, friendly, he smiles warmly at you and tells you what every honest politician or well informed diplomat should be able to tell you, but does not usually. It was very surprising to meet in a modest three stars hotel in Athens this distinguished man who was waiting with three hundred others participants in the “Freedom Flotilla II” for the Greek government to let them leave for Gaza. We want to thank him warmly for having responded to our questions in a very respectful manner, without any restraint or hesitation.

Israel’s denial of entrance to Palestine
Message sent by EasyJet to a Swiss passenger
8 July 2011 | Israeli authorities sent hundreds of names to airline companies telling them to deny travel to individuals on the list. Hundreds of people on the list who had booked flights were sent letters by airline companies cancelling their reservations based on a request from the Israeli authorities.

Freedom Flotilla 2
There are too many headwinds to take to sea but the struggle continues
5 July 2011 | Under pressure from Israel and the United States, the Greek government has prohibited the Freedom Flotilla from sailing to Gaza from its ports. But for its organizers, the fight has just begun and Israel will remain under pressure by civil society who will continue to denounce the illegality of the blockade, and to fight to go to Gaza. Dimitris Plionis, one of the Greek spokesmen for the flotilla, responds here to the questions of Silvia Cattori.

Something important is changing
Gilad Atzmon : “I have zero respect for the mainstream media”
3 June 2011 | Jazz saxophonist Gilad Atzmon has a blog where he denounces the policy of his country of origin, Israel. He is not afraid to bluntly tell what he regards to be the truth. He is impervious to the concept of self-censorship. He tells here how little respect he has for the Western press. (*)

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