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Leading UN investigator: ’Evidently Syrian Rebels used SARIN’

Crimes againt humanity are committed by terrorist groups in Syria financed by foreign countries and not by the governement in particular. We say that long-time before the UN report and Carla del Ponte declaration. It is never too late to tell the truth...


Carla del Ponte, a leading United Nations investigator, said that there are «strong, concrete suspicions but not yet incontrovertible» proof that it’s the rebels, not President Bashar Assad’s forces, who have used chemical weapons. (*)

Comment by Silvia Cattori.-

After Carla del Ponte declaration, Paulo Sergio Pinheiro, the U.N. Chair of the Commission of Inquiry, issued a statement distancing their members from Del Ponte’s comments (**) regarding the use of chemical weapons by the rebels. The Pinheiro’s reaction was not a surprise for us. Why?

Paulo Sergio Pinheiro is not a neutral person. He is a strong supporter of Israel. He is just saying what Tel Aviv and its allies want him to say. He defends the Israeli and Zionist interests against Syria. Carla del Ponte version is in total contrast to Israeli government allegations that Syrian government forces were the ones using chemical weapons. She is not serving any political interests, but Justice. Carla del Ponte she is most probably telling the truth.

(**) Press release from the Commission of Inquiry on Syria (chemical weapons)

Geneva, 6 May 2013 — The Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic wishes to clarify that it has not reached conclusive findings as to the use of chemical weapons in Syria by any parties to the conflict. As a result, the Commission is not in a position to further comment on the allegations at this time.

The Chair of the Commission of Inquiry, Paulo Sergio Pinheiro, reminds all parties to the conflict that the use of chemical weapons is prohibited in all circumstances under customary international humanitarian law.

In line with its mandate, the Commission is currently investigating all allegations of violations of international law in the Syrian Arab Republic and will issue its findings to the Human Rights Council on 3 June 2013, as mandated by resolution 22/24.