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Saudi tyranny leads to death sentences; F1 race in Bahrain condemned
28 March 2014 | .

Bahrain: Preparations underway for 3rd anniversary as regime steps up repression
24 January 2014 | .

F1 and history of Western complicity in Bahrain torture
19 April 2013 | As FI begins in Bahrain, in an attempt to normalise the al-Khalifa regime, it is worth remembering that Western, and particularly British complicity in torture and repression in Bahrain goes back a long way.

Bahrain: Awaiting the year of hope for Arab revolutions and the end of Al Khalifa hereditary dictatorship
31 December 2011 | As the year to an end, the thought of Bahrainis goes to those who have lost their lives in the struggle to achieve freedom, liberty and democracy.

Bahraini opposition have been outraged
4 December 2011 | Comment: If history is to be believed; Appointment of two police officers heralds new repression in Bahrain

Bahrain Freedom Movement
Bahrain: Deteriorating human situation as leaders and doctors jailed
2 October 2011 | The martyrdom of Jaffar LutfAllah, 74, from Abu Saibe’ village on Friday 30th September has enraged the people of Bahrain and called on the international community to take serious actions to stop the onslaught by Saudi and Al Khalifa forces on the country.

Bahrain Freedom Movement
Bahrain: Appeals to world leaders to intervene to stop blood bath
20 September 2011 | The two days of reckoning in Bahrain are fast approaching as the Al Khalifa junta threatened a blood bath.

Bahrain Freedom Movement Statement
Bahrain: Escalation of revolution as people insist on regime change
9 September 2011 | The international pressure on the Al Khalifa regime has forced it to “drink the poison” and release the medical staff whose members had been accused by the Al Khalifa and Al Saud officials of the most serious crimes, including killing patients, falsifying evidence and plotting to overthrow the regime. Their release on Tuesday 6th September has exposed the lies, fabrications and most important of all, the crimes, committed by the regime.

Presse release by Bahrain Youth Society For Human Rights
Bahrain Authorities censorship block website
29 August 2011 | Bahraini authorities have blocked a website that broadcasts live events on Twitter (http://twitcam.livestream.com/), after signing up on the site, it provides a link that the user can use to broadcast live events on the Internet and the broadcast is viewed on Twitter pages.

Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights concern about Human Rights abuse
Bahrain: Military tribunals back again
23 August 2011 | Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights-BYSHR expresses its deep concern for the decree no. “28” 2011 that was published in the Official Gazette on 18 August 2011 and allowed the trial of the civilians who have been arrested since the political unrest that started in February 2011.

Bahrain Freedom Movement Press Release
Bahrain: Independence Day remembered as royal commission nears collapse
19 August 2011 | Tension is rising in the country on the eve of Imam Ali’s martyrdom. The regime’s armed militias (Death Squads) have threatened to attack the religious procession in Muharraq tonight and tomorrow night.

Bahrain Freedom Movement
Bahrain: Independence Day celebrated with protests as Bissiouni’s mission doomed
15 August 2011 | The past few days have witnessed dramatic escalation in demonstrations and protests in most towns and villages. Yesterday Bahrainis held a big rally in Sitra to mark the 40th anniversary of the country’s independence from Britain.

Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights
Abdulhadi Abdulla Alkhawaja : Letter from Gurain prison
23 June 2011 | Letter written by Human rights activist Mr. Abdulhadi Alkhawaja regarding his health situation.

Bahrain Freedom Movement
Bahrain: International help sought to stop sectarian cleansing of Shia natives
16 April 2011 | As the situation in Bahrain takes more an uglier face of state persecution, more calamities have been unfolding. The body of Karim Fakhrawi, 49, a father of three summarised the tragedy that has befallen the Bahraini people at the hands of the Al Khalifa regime.

Bahrain Freedom Movement
Bahrain: Carnage and genocide under Saudi occupation
8 April 2011 | As the Bahraini crisis deepens, an international outcry is developing against the American and British support of the Saudi occupation and the ethnic cleansing being implemented against the Shia Muslim natives.

Bahrain Freedom Movement Statement
American and British arms used to kill peaceful Bahrainis
18 March 2011 | The use of the American-made and supplied Apache helicopter gunships, the British-made and supplied tear gas canisters and guns and various other weapons has exposed the catastrophic moral and ethical downfall of all involved in the attack on the unarmed civilians of Bahrain.