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By Deena Stryker
Direct from Lakatia, Syria
28 March 2014 | Lilly Martin, an American who is married to a Syrian and has lived in the Alawite border region with Turkey for twenty-one years, sent me this email today, after I enquired about the taking of a village by Islamists. [Deena Stryker]

A Tunisian terrorist said that what is happening in Syria is not a revolution nor a fight for a cause (Video)
17 mars 2014 | .

By Phil Sands and Suha Maayeh
Revealed: how Syrian rebels seek medical help from an unlikely source in Israel
15 February 2014 | When a rebel was shot and severely wounded during a new offensive on Syria’s southern front, his colleagues knew the only hope of saving his life was to get him to Israel.

By Michael Collins
Aleppo, Yabrud, and the end of the war on Syria?
15 February 2014 | The Syrian Arab Army may be on the verge of another set of victories that go far beyond those gained in the summer of 2013 when the Syrian army and Hezbollah took the rebel held city of Qusayr. The hotly contested battles rage in the major city of Aleppo and the much smaller mountain city of Yabrud.

By Bahar Kimyongür
Massacre in Hama and outrageous lies by the SOHR
11 February 2014 | On Sunday, 9 February, a new massacre has been perpetrated by the jihadi terrorists in Syria.

Rebel commit massacre in Syrian village
10 February 2014 | Foreign-backed militants in Syria have taken control of an Alawite village in the province of Hama, massacring a number of people there.

Starving in Syria: Palestinian refugees die in rebel-held camp (Video)
8 February 2014 | .

By Finian Cunningham
Re-inventing al-Qaeda as ‘good guys’ ?
5 February 2014 | The titular head of al-Qaeda, Ayman al-Zawahiri, has reportedly disavowed the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Videos emerged over the weekend of the Egyptian-born leader denying any organizational links with the ISIS.

Syria peace talks unravel after ’US military aid’ accusations
29 January 2014 | The fourth day of the Geneva 2 peace negotiations has been halted earlier than scheduled following a fierce exchange of accusations from both the opposition and the Syrian government over the alleged resumption of US military aid to the rebels.

Islamist Fighters in Syria Led by Member of the Saudi Royal Family (Video)
27 January 2014 | The Saudi-owned "news" channel al-Arabiya aired in its show "al-Hadath" (the Event) a report showing captured fighters from al-Qaeda’s "Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant" (ISIL).

They are proud to be terrorists
Syria: Al-Qaeda’s New "Home" (Video)
27 January 2014 | Three years ago, an uprising against the Assad regime turned into what looked like a straightforward civil war between Syrian government forces and rebels. However, over time, what had started as a largely secular opposition movement began to take on more of a radical Islamist tone, with two al Qaeda offshoots — the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) and Jabhat al-Nusra — becoming the dominant forces on the ground across the rebel-held North.

Bouthaina Shaaban: You Think the U.S. Is Any More Democratic Than Syria? (Video)
27 January 2014 | .

by Haytham Manna
Attempting to give the Syrian people a voice in Geneva
26 January 2014 | "We call together with a large number of forces and national democratic voice for a gathered Conference to restore to the free Syrians their natural right to independent decision-making and to take a political stand together, to build a road map bringing back the role of the political solution as the only way to put an end to the plight faced by the country."

By Brandon Turbeville
5 Reasons The Latest Report On Syria War Crimes Might Not Be True
25 January 2014 | In a recently released and conveniently timed report, complete with references to Nazi Germany and concentration camps, efforts to ramp up support for a “tough line” against Syria at the upcoming Geneva II conference and even possible military intervention, are once again moving into high gear. The report, compiled by three British war crime prosecutors and three “forensic experts” claims that it has demonstrable proof that the Assad government is guilty of torturing and killing over ten thousand people.

By Haytham Manna
De-railing of Geneva II from the Basic Tracks
25 January 2014 | I received several letters from friends of the National Coordination Body for Democratic Change – NCB expressing surprise about the NCB’s boycott of the Geneva II Conference in the context of the arrangements, the formula and the conditions in which it is being held. We were particularly the brave defenders of this conference, and we were accused of all manner of sins after our defense of it even from some people who mounted the platform of the delegation of the Coalition on behalf of the Syrian opposition in Montreux.

By Richard Spencer
Syrian rebels seek new US arms supplies as Geneva talks resume
25 January 2014 | Free Syrian Army prepares diplomatic push with senators in Washington next month for direct US arms supplies as Geneva 2 peace talks expected to fail.

Hamas militants fighting with the terrorists opposition in Syria
17 January 2014 | .

MIT study of Ghouta chemical attack challenges US intelligence
16 January 2014 | A new MIT report is challenging the US claim that Assad forces used chemical weapons in an attack last August, highlighting that the range of the improvised rocket was way too short to have been launched from govt controlled areas.

Ethnic cleansing of the Ismailis at the hands of the Syrian jihadist groups
12 January 2014 | .

Islamist fighters move 12 abducted Syrian nuns from Maaloula to rebel-held town
4 January 2014 | Islamist fighters have moved the nuns abducted from a convent in the predominantly Christian town of Maaloula to a nearby town held by rebels. The leader of the Orthodox Church of Antioch has called on the international community to help save them.

Video - Syrian rebels rounded up 80 civilians and burned them alive in ovens this week
3 January 2014 | Syria: Atrocities Committed by Terrorists. Survivors of Adra town: we remained several days without food… Survivors of Adra town: we remained several days without food… terrorists seized hundreds of people and killed tens The survivors of Adra town narrated their accounts of the terrorist crimes and massacres which were committed by the armed terrorist groups against the innocent residents of the town.

Battle for Yarmouk; Palestinian volunteers help Syrian army
27 December 2013 | .

Sad Christmas in Syria under the brutal siege of "rebel" groups
27 December 2013 | .

By Nicola Nasser
Insurgency responsible for civilian plight of Syrians
26 December 2013 | Creating a humanitarian crisis in Syria, whether real or fabricated, and holding the Syrian government responsible for it as a casus belli for foreign military intervention under the UN 2005 so-called “responsibility to protect” initiative was from the very eruption of the Syrian conflict the goal of the US-led “Friends of Syria’ coalition.

A survivor of Adraa tells his nights of terror with al-Nusra Front
18 December 2013 | Mazhar Ibraheem, a Syrian doctor, has escaped from death, when armed groups of al-Nusra Front, Ahrar al-Sham and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant have raided Adraa al-Omalia city of Damascus suburbs, committing massacres against the residents of the city.

Adra Massacre: Terrorist groups execute over 80 civilians. Local Residents used as Human Shields
18 December 2013 | Over 80 civilians in a town northwest of the Syrian capital of Damascus have been executed by Islamist rebels, sources within the Syrian military told RT. Many others were kidnapped to be used as human shields.

Human rights investigations
Observations on the UN final report into chemical weapons use in Syria
14 December 2013 | The final report provides evidence which suggests use of chemical weapons against the Syrian army, including on a fairly large-scale in Khan al-Assal and including with the use of Sarin. This has major implications which should give impetus to the peace negotiations in Geneva and ensure that the countries supporting the insurgency think very carefully about the dangers in what they are doing.

Assad’s win best option in Syria: Former CIA director Michael Hayden
14 December 2013 | The war on Syria has spiraled into such a threat to regional security that a victory for the Syrian government could be the best ending to hope for.

A Short History Of The War On Syria - 2006-2014
14 December 2013 | In 2006 the U.S. was at war in Iraq. Some of the enemy forces it very much struggled to fight against were coming in through Syria. The same year Israel lost a war against Hizbullah. Its armored forces were ambushed whenever they tried to push deeper into Lebanon while Hizbullah managed to continuously fire rockets against Israeli army position and cities. Hizbullah receives supply for its missile force from Syria and from Iran through Syria.

Syrian UN Representative Dr. Jaafari confirms arrest of 300 Saudis and death of thousands. (Video)
6 December 2013 | .

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