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Gilad Atzmon answer to his AZZ detractors


29 February 2012

Last October I learned from the Jerusalem Post [1]
that notorious Zionist Alan Dershowitz and the dubious ADL’s Abe Foxman were desperate to stop my new book “The Wandering Who”. [2]

I was also informed about a very similar attempt in France. Two alleged Jewish ‘anti’ Zionist organizations- the U.J.F.P. (French Jewish Union for Peace) and I.J.A.N. (International Jewish Antizionist Network) mounted substantial pressure on a pro Palestinian website because he dared to publish my interview [3]
with Silvia Cattori.

Interestingly enough, Zionist Dershowitz and Foxman used exactly the same tactics as the alleged ‘anti’ Zionist U.J.F.P. and I.J.A.N. They defamed, spread lies and circulated unsubstantiated accusations.

Clearly, this can be easily explained, Zionists Dershowitz, Foxman, U.J.F.P. and I.J.A.N. are basically one. At least from a Jewish political perspective, there is not much difference between rabid Zionists and some Jewish ‘anti’ Zionists. They may disagree on some minor topics but they certainly agree on the most fundamental issues- they all identify politically as Jews.

Like the Jews only state, both Zionist and Jewish ‘anti’ Zionists operate under a Jewish banner. This is why more and more of us regard some elements within the Jewish ‘anti’ Zionists as AZZ (anti Zionist Zionists).

My book, “The Wandering Who”, elaborates on this unique continuum between rabid Zionist Dershowitz and the AZZ. Judging by the level of hysteria performed by both Zionists, U.J.F.P and I.J.A.N, we are entitled to assume that the book has managed to hit the most sensitive nerve exactly where it hurts.

So far the book has been endorsed by the most distinguished academics, writers and humanists in our movement [4]. It has been praised on every dissident outlet around the world.

It is also obvious to every person who reads me that there is not a drop of racism, bigotry or anti Semitism in my writing. In my entire career as a writer, I have never criticized Jews as people, ethnicity or race. I also do not criticise Judaism. But, I do allow myself to scrutinize Jewish ideology and culture. I argue that if Israel defines itself as the ‘Jewish State’ and it drops bombs on civilians from airplanes decorated with Jewish symbols, it is our moral duty to question what ‘Jewishness’ is all about.

I also argue that if some Jews prefer to operate politically under the Jewish banner, it is our right to question what that banner stands for.

It is now evident and clear that I.J.A.N., U.J.F.P. and other AZZ insist on trying to stop me from asking these crucial questions. Like rabid Zionists, they are intensively lobbying against me and actually employ tactics that are very similar to Israeli Hasbara campaigners. Interestingly enough, in a circular manner, The Wandering Who explores and foresees the very political tactics that would be implemented against it.

It is about time the AZZ avoided this peculiar tendency of telling us what is good for Palestine, who is ‘kosher’ and who isn’t. If the AZZ have a clever suggestion to share with us they had better deliver it in the manner of a good argument, rather than as a form of ADL censorship. More than anything else, we should aspire to the notions of tolerance and openness as opposed to the tyranny of thought.

Like many others I would love to see as many Jewish people as possible joining the Palestinian solidarity movement. I would love to see many Jews marching with us. Yet, the Palestinian solidarity movement should be driven by care for Palestine and Palestinians and also by the principles of Truth, Justice and Peace. It should never be steered by or dominated by Jewish identity politics or tribal interests.

Gilad Atzmon

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[1See : « US academics challenged over praise of ’anti-Semitic’ book », by Jonny Paul, The Jerusalem Post, 23 October, 2011.

- in English:« The Wandering Who ? »
- in French: « La Parabole d’Esther. Anatomie du Peuple Élu. - Réflexions sur la politique identitaire juive »

[3« Gilad Atzmon talks about his latest book “The Wandering Who?” », by Silvia Cattori, 27 September 2011.