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An article by Eslam al-Rihani
In This Way, Arab Satellites Will Announce Fall of Assad ..
23 November 2011 | It is no longer worthy to describe media and information sector as the fourth power only. Changes happened in the region proved that media is no longer a channel to broadcast news, but it turned to be a news and stance maker station. It makes the act and its reaction.

Assad Assures: “Syria Will Not Bow down” to International Pressure
20 November 2011 | Syrian President Bashar al-Assad stressed that his country “will not bow down” to foreign pressure, accusing the Arab League of creating a Pretext for western military intervention.

An article by Jeremy Salt
Turkey’s Syrian Ambit: New War in the Making
19 November 2011 | Possibly for the first time in the life of the Turkish republic, a Turkish government has adopted a policy of open, unprovoked confrontation with a neighboring country. The citizens of that country, Syria, are flabbergasted.

Russia sends warships to Syrian waters
19 November 2011 | Russia is sending its warships to Syrian waters in a move aimed at preventing any foreign attacks against Syrian territories.

Syria’s sanctions: France says too late for reforms
19 November 2011 | Damascus earlier agreed in principle to let international observers enter the country, apparently to comply with an Arab League ultimatum for the regime to stop the violence by Saturday. ­France and Turkey have called for greater international pressure on Damascus, claiming the time for implementing reforms has come and gone.

An article by Press TV
US plot to wage Syria war revealed
17 November 2011 | Informed sources in Syria say they have discovered a pre-fabricated US scenario for the country’s future, seeking to wage war against the nation from various fronts, Press TV reports.

Terrorist attacks killed 115 Syrian Shias
16 November 2011 | Hundreds of Syrians have been killed since the beginning of unrest (File Photo).The Shia community in the Syrian city of Homs has been the main target of armed groups since the beginning of unrest in the country.

An article by Rick Rozoff
Syria: The West’s Strategic Gateway For Global Military Supremacy
15 November 2011 | The League of Arab States (Arab League) suspended the membership of Syria in the organization on November 12 as it had with Libya on February 22 of this year.

An analysis by Wassim Raad
Syrian opposition movements in a state of confusion following failure
31 October 2011 | The last two weeks witnessed million-man marches in Damascus, Aleppo, Hasaka and Latakia. The participants raised slogans in support of President Al-Assad and his reformatory program and focused on the rejection of foreign intervention regardless of its source.

An article by Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich
Syria Imperative
29 October 2011 | The Assad regime in Syria is facing increased scrutiny for its handling of demonstrators. The Syrian opposition has asked for arms and NATO intervention similar to what was witnessed in Libya. Washington Hawks such as former presidential candidate and U.S. Senator John McCain have called for military intervention in Syria to “protect civilians.” The call for the use of military force to “protect”.

An analysis by Wassim Raad
What is happening in the real Syria?
24 October 2011 | The Syrian national state is continuing to pursue and dismantle the armed gangs and militias affiliated with the Syrian opposition movements and especially the Istanbul transitional council which announced once again its rejection of dialogue after its wagers on foreign military intervention in the country recently mounted.

The situation in Syria
Interview with Syrian priest Elias Zahlaoui
22 October 2011 | In this fascinating interview, Elias Zahlaoui talks about a wide range of topics including: the historical roots of the Christians in Syria, the nature of the current protests, the impact of the Palestinian issue and Israel’s aggressive policies on Syrian society.

An article by "Human rights investigations"
Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International fan the flames of conflict in Syria
7 October 2011 | A major thread running through the story of the Libyan conflict has been the information war – propaganda spread by intelligence agencies, military, media and political groups designed to encourage hatred, conflict, war, foreign intervention, death and destruction.

An analysis by Wassim Raad
Commotion, pressures and terrorism in Syria
25 September 2011 | The retreat is ongoing at the level of the response to the calls made by the Syrian opposition movements to demonstrate, after the unity of the opposition itself turned into a slogan during last Friday’s demonstrations.

An article by Joshua Landis
The Armed Gangs Controversy
3 August 2011 | I have taken up the “armed gangs controversy” in my last two posts. In the comment section, Syrians have debated whether the opposition has produced militant elements that are killing Syrian soldiers.

Syria : The point of view of Arab journalists
A tyrannical and warring opposition led by Al-Ar’our
25 July 2011 | The discussions of the Istanbul conference which was organized by the Muslim Brotherhood command in Syria at the end of last week, constituted a sample of the structure, nature, and political projects of the Syrian opposition movements that are diverging over all the issues but converging over hatred and hostility towards the Syrian command and toward the service of NATO and the European Zionist lobby. In the meantime, these opposition movements are safe in the Turkish haven, with known Qatari funding and hidden Saudi support.

Syria : The point of view of Arab journalists
The West and Syria
11 July 2011 | Unlike other Arab leaders confronted to a protest movement such as former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak or Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad launched a wide political reform program coupled with a reasonable timetable extending until the end of 2011 at the most.

Syria : The point of view of Arab journalists
On the threshold of the Syrian dialogue
4 July 2011 | The national dialogue committee in Syria set a deadline for its consultations and efforts to launch the national dialogue which is counted on by the Syrian citizens in general to produce a political understanding over the content and the implementation schedule of the reforms.

An interview with Bassam Alkadi by Camille Otrakji
Syria: The point of view of a reformist opponent
3 July 2011 | Bassam Alkadi is President of Syria’s main women rights organization. A relentless fighter for human rights in Syria. Although he has been fired from his job, arrested, jailed and forbidden from traveling, he continues to be driven by logic and not revenge. He rejects dialogue for the sake of dialogue. Instead calling for dialogue that follows some prerequisite, even if partial, implementations of some of the announced reforms announced by the Syrian government. In this interview he shares with us his concerns and fears of the conflict in Syria as well as his hopes for a new democratic, secular Syria.

A testimony by journalist Hala Jaber
Syria caught in crossfire of extremists
26 June 2011 | .

A New Orient News Editorial
Syria: Sarkozy repeating Chirac’s mistakes.
16 May 2011 | The transformation in the positions of the French president towards Syria constitutes a clear repetition of the mistakes committed by former French President Jacques Chirac when he turned against Bashar al-Assad on the day that followed the occupation of Baghdad.

The troubles in Syria as seen by Arab journalists
Syria: Marginal extensions behind the Takfiris and the agents of the West
9 May 2011 | .

Message from Syria to United States, Great Britain, France
Bassam Al Kadi : "You have not done anything against Israeli violations"
5 May 2011 | .

Syria: Reform, the armed rebellion and Takfiri terrorism
2 May 2011 | .

Economic Boycott against Israeli Apartheid
Profiting from an illegal occupation: Eden Springs water in the Syrian Golan
24 October 2009 | Profiting from an illegal occupation: Eden Springs water in the Syrian Golan

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