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The role of US trained Palestinian security forces
Sattar Kassem: Blood for Bread

Mr Sattar Kassem, Professor of Political Science at Al Najah University in Nablus, denounces the brutal repression carried out in the West Bank, for the sake of Israeli security and welfare, by the Palestinian security forces trained by Lieutenant General Keith Dayton, U.S. security coordinator for Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

8 June 2009

Palestinian security forces
Obama has come, Obama has gone and the theme is still the same: blood for bread is the magic solution for the Palestinian problem. You Palestinians must abide by the necessities of Israeli security the way Israel sees fit, if you want to sustain a shaky salary by the end of the month. The Palestinian must arrest his/her fellow Palestinian, or kill him/her for the bare subsistence salary to flow. Kill your Palestinian fellow brother or sister and be sure of receiving a loaf of bread next day.

The American policy toward the Palestinians is one of the most ruthless and merciless in the history of mankind. It recruits Palestinians, train them, equip them with lethal instruments through the stooge Arab regimes so as to fight those Palestinians who seek to regain their own liberty and liberate their occupied land. The US claims to be the champion of human rights and freedom at the very moment it carries mass massacres and pogroms directly or indirectly in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Keith Dayton is the American killer and blood sucker who is orchestrating and implementing the American atrocities in the West Bank. He is labeled as the American security coordinator between the Palestinians and the Israelis, but he is actually a mean and ugly freak who aims at dismantling the Palestinian society through the creation of factional feuds and internal fierce fighting as a process of liquidating the Palestinian inalienable national rights. He has been buying the loyalty and cooperation of some Palestinians who always seek ways to elevate tension in the Palestinian society.

Dayton is the one who has been working day and night for the sake of Israeli security and welfare, and has been honest in serving the Zionist objective of expelling the Palestinians indirectly from their homeland. So many Palestinians have been fed up with internal tensions and fighting and decided that their country isn’t their country. Israeli repressive measures have failed over the years to achieve such a gloomy and bitter conclusion, but Dayton, with the help of his Palestinian puppets, has been achieving success.

The US has allocated so far around 161 million dollars for building Palestinian security forces that observe the needs of the Israeli security at the expense of the Palestinian security. It is an astounding inhuman calamity that Palestinians are trained and educated on how to arrest and kill Palestinians under the illusion that this is the way to build a Palestinian state. All of what these misled and awareness-absent Palestinians get is few hundreds of dollars that are not enough to meet the monthly expenses.

Dayton has been training Palestinians in Jordan and in Jericho. He said in a lecture in a center for peace in the Near East that the individuals are vetted before becoming recruits by American security, Israeli security (Shen Beit) and the Jordanian intelligence. (He used the word vetted instead of examined as an indication of his degradation for these recruits). He said in that lecture that building these forces is meant to achieve two objectives: working against criminal gangs and fighting Hamas. We in the West Bank have not seen a real effort made against the gangs, but we have been seeing a real use of guns against Hamas. He made it clear that the American premise underlying building Palestinian forces is to fight Hamas. And he was clear before the American Congress when he said that these forces pose no threat to Israe li security. He asked the Congress for additional $59 million. This Dayton also built a training center in Jericho in Jordan Valley that accommodates 700 recruits at a time.

It was also made clear that any security and financial arrangements made outside the hands of Dr Salam Fayyad will not be accepted. The Americans have shown jubilance for the killing of six Palestinians in the West Bank [1], and felt the so-called success of Dayton.

The Americans find it easy to bring the Palestinians to their knees through the loaf of bread. It is not costly and productive, and there are enough Palestinian collaborators who are ready to sell their country and their people for few pennies or for an enjoyable night in a filthy whore-house in Israel or Europe.

I am not Hamas, but Dayton’s forces ruined my car in 2007, burnt my car in 2009, and conspired to imprison me on criminal allegations in 2009. I was put in jail with criminals three nights under the allegation that I distorted the image of a person who is reported to have shot at my car in 2007, and the image of a person who is accused of shooting at a prominent clergy in Nablus.

This is the civilized Dayton we have who represents the leading democracy in the world. To hell with this democracy, and no matter what they do, there are courageous and devoted Palestinians who will never betray their country, and who are ready to make the sacrifices needed for liberation.

Sattar Kassem
June 8, 2009

Source: Sattar Kassem

[1See: «Police raid sparks West Bank clash», Al Jazeera.net, 1st june, 2009.

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