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By Dr Nabil Antaki

Urgent call of Dr. Nabil Antaki given the seriousness of the situation in Aleppo

For the fifth consecutive day, the drinking water supply is interrupted in Aleppo.

Last summer, Aleppo was entirely blocked for several weeks, neither people nor goods were allowed to pass, and nobody said anything.
Last month, Aleppo was cut off from electric power during eleven consecutive days, and nobody protested.

And now "they" (editor’s note - terrorist groups) – the West ) disconnected water supply since 5 days and you (editor’s note – the West) note remain silent!!!

A city with 2.5-3 Million inhabitants deprived of water since 5 days, and you do not go out on the streets!

Those who know and who do not protest become accomplices in crime. For much less than that you manifested against it, you proclaimed your anger, wrote statements, made reports, and declared sanctions.

For less than that, your foreign ministers and your presidents raised their voices, arranged meetings, declared sanctions, and threatened prosecution before the international court.

But for them and for you, the victims are blamed to be the perpetrators; concerning the people of Aleppo who suffer from thirst, this is not your business.

Your attitude is a shame.

You should be accused of war crimes and of crimes against humanity for passive complicity.

Nabil Antaki
Aleppo, May 9, 2014

Translated from original in French

Source: Nabil Antaki