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By Bahar Kimyongür
Massacre in Hama and outrageous lies by the SOHR

On Sunday, 9 February, a new massacre has been perpetrated by the jihadi terrorists in Syria.

11 February 2014

The terrorist groups have targeted Maan this time, an Alawite village located in the central province of Hama.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), a pro-insurgency office, has published an outrageously distorted report on the massacre [1].

The ‘NGO’ claims that the majority of the 25 victims are “pro-Assad militias”, members of National Defence Forces. However, according to our sources, 11 members of the Khaddour family have been executed in the jihadist assault.
The SOHR also claims that the women and children had been evacuated from the village of Maan, and is therefore very careful not to mention that 11 out of the 25 victims of the attack are women.

For now, we do not know the number of children killed in Maan, but we do have a sketchy list of the women who fell victims to the jihadi terror: Fatima Khaddour, Alham Khaddour, Fariza Khaddour, Souad Khaddour, Raïfah Khaddour, Mahassen Khaddour, Fatoum Khaddour, Wessal Nasser, Zarifa Chaher, Jawaher (surname unknown) et Oum Haydar, wife to victim Abou Taher.

Does the silence of the SOHR on the women and children victims of pro-Al Qaida groups in Syria in general – and Hama in particular – serve the purpose of hiding the number of Syrian civilians massacred by the Western governments sponsoring these same jihadi groups?

Bahar Kimyongür
10 February 2014

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- Massacre à Hama et scandaleux mensonge de l’OSDH