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THE FLOOD : "Cooperation Without Domination"

For this animated film Anis Hamadeh, German artist, created 1185 pictures. That was fun.

12 mars 2013

THE FLOOD : "Cooperation Without Domination" (reggae)

Sung by Miriam Isa. The (double) album is out in April 2013 at Anis Online and Timezone Records in Germany. Crowdfunding until March 17 at www.startnext.de/theflood , more FLOOD music and info on Anis Online.
"Cooperation Without Domination" is song No. 17 of THE FLOOD, a story told in thirty songs. Words and music by Anis from Anis Online. Featuring Miriam Isa (vocals), Lorenzo Colocci (flute), Andreas Schermer (bass and e-guitar), Anis (guitar and vocals), Anonymus (percussions)