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Interview with Professor Andrei Ilyich Fursov
Hit Syria – Target Russia

The following conversation with Professor Andrei Ilyich Fursov, Director of the Centre of Russian Studies at the Institute of Fundamental and Applied Research of Moscow University for the Humanities (MosGU), a member of the International Academy of Sciences, and a member of the Writers’ Union of Russia was published on 9 August 2012 at KP.ru.

24 September 2012

Given the initial question it reaches unexpectedly far into the sphere it covers. Starting from the current situation in Syria and the “Arab Spring”, the Russian historian tries to provide considerations on and prognosticate the further development there, ranging from the concrete to the global
Last remark: the term “regime” does not necessarily have a negative connotation in the Russian language.

“Worse than a feud with the Anglo-Saxons can only be a friendship with them.” (Alexej Jedrichin-Wandam)

Question: Why is the West in such a hurry to hammer the nails in the coffin of the Assad regime?

Andrej Fursov: This small Middle Eastern country has suddenly become a major sore spot of the planet. The UN has meetings on it, continually. China and Russia take a hardliner stance. A squad of our warships with marines headed for the Mediterranean also stopping in Syria on the way. The US provides the “rebels” with another $ 15 million. Is there a sense of a greater war here?

Gas war

Question: How did little Syria spoil things for the powerful West?

Andrej Fursov: Actually by everything. Let’s look at it one by one – from small to large, from regional to global. In all the constellations in the Middle East in general and in the Americans’ and the Sunni monarchies’ (Saudi Arabia, Qatar) fight against Shiite Iran, the country is not just an ally of Tehran, but also the link connecting it to the Shiite factions in the Arab world. Without such a link Iran’s influence in the Arab world would be greatly reduced. I am not talking even about the oil pipeline running from Iran through Syria. Without a solution to the Syrian issue, the Anglo-Saxons, i.e. the British and the Americans will not dare to tackle Iran

The Syrian regime is in fact the only strong secular regime in the Arab world. The fact that it is strong irritates the Atlanticists with their plans of restructuring the Middle East and the world. The fact that it is a secular and economically successful regime annoys the rulers of Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Question: Some say that this is the first war for gas.

Andrej Fursov: Gas fields were indeed discovered in the Southern Mediterranean – in the sea and on Syrian territory (Kara). It is hard to say how big the reserves are, but they are there. Qatar exports liquefied gas with the help of a tanker fleet. If the Assad regime collapses, Qatar will be able to transport the “blue fuel” directly from the Mediterranean coast to Syria. This would at least double the volume of its exports and at the same time complicate Iranian exports. The strengthening of Qatar on the gas market will worsen Russia’s position. Well, if the Americans succeed in controlling the Algerian gas, it looks like a blockade of the Russian oil and gas exports. So the economic interests of Qatar coincide with the US’ geopolitical interests in their efforts to maximally weaken Russia, which is not to not be reinvigorated.

The Anglo-Saxons are global billiard players: They make use of the “controlled” chaos

Question: Does that mean that the Yankees in Syria indirectly attack Russia’s beloved Gazprom?

Andrej Fursov: The Anglo-Saxons are global billiard players; they work by the principle of more than one ball into the hole (which we have to learn from them). The greater Middle East with its ongoing controlled chaos separates China from the necessary sources of oil and gas, while at the same time it is cutting the Chinese off from the Western European part of Eurasia. The control over gas and oil from the Middle East means first of all control of the US over Europe, especially Western Europe, which to a great extent contributes to the weakening of the Russian Federation and its position. But if Europe does not like it some day, one can trigger off some Arab-African uprisings – so that the well-fed citizens whished it would soon be over.

This logic (though not the only one) determines the North Atlantic elite’s drive toward the East across the Arab world: Tunisia, Egypt and Libya. Now they have arrived in Syria. But on the Syrian spot the Atlanticists faced another global power, comparable to them economically and even militarily, but representing a completely different civilization. This is China, with its drive towards the West. China’s drive is a kind of crusade for resources. Pakistan is already under the influence of China. The Chinese have a long-standing relationship with the Afghan Taliban. Iran is also an ally, though specific. The south of Iraq is basically controlled by Shiite allies of Iran. Geo-strategically and even geo-economically China does not only push ahead to the coast of the Indian Ocean, but from this perspective also to the Atlantic (the Mediterranean coast of Syria). Objectively, the Western crusaders ran into a Chinese wall in Syria.

For the first time, the Anglo-American-Jewish elite, that has developed in the course of the last century and became one of the organizational and historical achievements of the West, is faced with a global, non-Western type of enemy (the Soviet leadership, too, was the implementation of a leftist project of the West, the Jacobin Modernity). Apart from that, the European segment of the Western elite from which it takes its historical experience, is opposed, however, to the no less or perhaps even more ancient Chinese segment. It is also focused on the tangibles, on trade and money. At the same time it is very adventurous, as the Chinese have their own global criminal system.

The objective of the West: See China collapse, cut it off from the resources of raw materials and suffocate it technologically

Question: The Chinese mafia is probably worse than the Italian …

Andrej Fursov: Yes, and not to mention the gold reserves of China as a formidable financial weapon.
Beijing knows quite well that Syria is just another trail mark in the direction of the North-Atlanticists’ main attack – and their objective is to see China collapse, to cut it down to size within the country’s borders, cut it off from the sources of raw materials and suffocate it technologically. Hence China’s tough stance on Syria at the UN.

Question:What about the position of Moscow? Why is it so different from that in Libya?

Andrej Fursov: First, we have a different president today. Second, the story of Gaddafi has taught our leadership well. Third, we have a naval base in Syria. Fourth, our military-industrial complex has serious interest in Syria, and economic interests are sacred to the Russian leadership. Fifth, Syria is much closer to the Russian borders and the post-Soviet area than Libya.

All this determines Moscow’s position whose nuclear and diplomatic potential reinforces China’s position. Neither Russia nor China could stand alone.

Of course, the Anglo-Saxons do not care about our veto in the UN, the UN itself and about international law, which they plan to abolish anyway. But so far, these have only been intentions. As Stalin once said the logic of the circumstances is stronger than the logic of intentions. These circumstances are Russia and China, causing the North-Atlanticists to be furious – just listen to Ms Clinton and look at her facial expressions.

USA today overstraining its forces

Question: Despite the hardline stance of Moscow and Beijing, the West does not retreat. Why not?

Andrej Fursov: First, it is not in the historical tradition of the Anglo-Saxons to release the prey which they have sunk their teeth in like a pit bull terrier. They will exert pressure as far as possible until they have achieved their objective, or until the opponent has broken their jaw.

Second, in the last 25 to 30 years, the Anglo-Saxons, defeating the Soviet elite (it is exactly about the Soviet elite – they surrendered), have simply become arrogant. They got used to Russia giving up everything and they hope to be able to exert pressure on the Russian elite that keeps its money in Western banks.

Third – and this is the main reason which outweighs all the others: the stakes are too high; the fate of the North Atlantic elites themselves is at stake, and not just the hydrocarbon resources or the Middle East. The West has no alternative than pressing ahead.

The bottom line is the following: Today, the US experiences an excessive overstrain of its forces, despite all the material and information potential of this vast machine, operated by experienced supranational geo-constructors and geo-engineers. “Nihil dat fortuna mancipio” – fate does not guarantee anything forever! America’s time is over. To delay or prevent the final decline, it needs a break.

It is no coincidence that the new military doctrine, which was announced by Obama on 5 January 2012, is about the US’ unwillingness to be prepared for two wars at the same time – as has been the case so far – but only for one plus some indirect actions in several regions. Also bear in mind that the Americans regroup up to 60% of its military power in the Pacific Ocean, the eastern Pacific, in preparation for a fight with China.

It is not accidental that Foreign Affairs, a journal of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), one of the most influential American institutions concerning international relations, recently published several articles that directly say: The US need a break, “to focus on rebuilding the foundations of national prosperity”. America today resembles the Roman Empire of the Trajan time (early 2nd century AD). Then, Rome shifted from the strategic offensive to strategic defense; Rome began to build the Limes (defensive wall) and abandoned some of the conquered territories – especially in the Middle East.

Controlled chaos: So that in case of retreat the competitors may not occupy the territory

Question: This is a direct analogy. The USA promised to leave Afghanistan and they withdrew from Iraq ...

Andrej Fursov: The results of the NATO summit in Chicago on 20 – 21 May 2012 showed: Neither have the US nor NATO actually left the Middle East nor Afghanistan, in the literal sense. It was not for that reason they went there. However, they will have to “get out” in this former sense, as the leadership model will change there. And the only reason is that in case of retreat the competitors may not occupy the territory: the European Union, above all China. Hence the idea behind the new leadership model in the region is controlled chaos. We cannot imagine any better candidates for its creation and maintenance than the Islamists, the “chain dogs of globalization American style”.

And here we see how in the Middle East – particularly in the key country Egypt – the Islamists take over as a result of the so-called “Arab Spring”. More precisely, it is them for whom the others were paving the way. However, the Anglo-Saxons hit two stumbling blocks on their way, two countries where Islamists are either not strong or not active. These countries were Libya and Syria. Libya has already been destroyed by the barbaric aggression of NATO, and Syria is under siege today. Syria’s army is indeed fighting international terrorism, which, as it suits it, is directed by the puppeteers – the Anglo-American leadership.

The true face of the “Friends of Syria”

Question: Excuse me, Andrei Ilyich! Western media report that the people rebelled against the Assad regime. The insurgents were Syrians, deserted from the army.

Andrej Fursov: That is what the Western media are doing, or to be precise: the instruments for mass propaganda, agitation and misinformation. They fulfill the purely military function of an disinformation and psycho-historic war. The “Syrian rebels” have modern precision weapons, anti-tank weapons, thermal imaging devices, the best sniper rifles and many more, mostly from Turkish production. Is n’t that a bit too sumtuous for deserters and fugitives?

But the most important thing is the organization of the armed conflicts. Since the end of June the situation in Syria has changed drastically. Assad is confronted with a staff culture of highly professional planners behind the military diversions, which deserters, ranging from captain to major, would never be capable of. The “rebels” have changed their tactics from wearing down and fatiguing; they have moved to the tactics of massive attack, behind which there is apparently a contingent of 25-30000 men. The armed fighters are descendants coming from Libya, Tunisia, Afghanistan and other Muslim countries. By the way, transferring them to Syria has solved an important problem for the West and the Sunni monarchies. After all, this combustible material must somehow and somewhere be occupied. These guys will not work, and a rabid dog may once bite its owner.

The international terrorism that the US allegedly fight is in fact their self-created weapon

Along with professional mercenaries and international terrorists, parts of Syrian criminal bandit clans fight against government forces; they murder their own neighbors and then blame it on the Assad regime. The Syrian situation has clearly exposed the fact that international terrorism that the US allegedly fight is in fact their self-created weapon.

In Libya, it was al-Qaeda which solved the problem posed by the Atlanticists. In Syria the Islamist Abd al-Hakim Belhadj who once commanded the Libyan “insurgents” infiltrates the militant fighters. He is the most powerful military member in Tripoli, since long associated with Al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda is a very handy tool for the American and British intelligence services. If necessary, you can blow up your own twin towers, and put the blame on the organization of bin Laden. And if necessary you can merge in ecstasy with this organization and take action against Gaddafi or Assad. Now al-Qaeda is good again; as our Protopope Avvakum once said “yesterday the son of a bitch, today a priest”.

They should stop telling us lies: the Syrians are not fighting Syrians, but the Anglo-American elite, waging war through the hands of international terrorists. Their operations in Syria resemble, for example, John Negroponte’s death squads in Guatemala. In their perspective the “friends of Syria” (formerly the “friends of Yugoslavia, Iraq, or Libya”) are also the “friends of Russia”, they are the major international terrorist power themselves. I really hope that in the end they and their associates (including the ones from The Hague) will finally see “their Nuremberg”. Many in the West just describe the similarity of Bush Junior’s attack on Iraq and Afghanistan with Hitler’s attack on Poland, the Netherlands and France. The only question is if Syria becomes the last line of a new – now no longer world war – but a global war. Sooner or later, the criminalization of politics by the Western leadership will lead exactly there.

Question: The US has actually justified the recent terrorist attacks in Damascus that killed senior representatives of Syria.

Andrej Fursov: Yes, among the dead are Defense Minister Daoud Rajhi, the head of military intelligence Assef Shawkat and the head of the crisis committee Hassan Turkmani – all very close to Assad, his support. Such action was to be expected; I do not believe that it was possible without collaboration of Western intelligence agencies.

Bashar al-Assad resists, they were not able to break him in the course of 15 months, so the course is now directed at the physical destruction of the Syrian leader and his inner circle. They expect that in case of his retreat, Assad’s regime will collapse. Whether these plans will work out is a separate issue. Something else is important: After having killed Gaddafi, Western elites now openly and blatantly run the path of physical destruction of those leaders that interfere with their plans, i.e. the path of terror. And while farce trials were arranged against Miloševic and Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi was just killed in banditry-like, “specific” manner, not even hiding a joyous “wow” about it. And what about the invaluable scene at the White House in May last year, when the US government publicly gathered in front of the screen to watch the killing of “bin Laden”.

To what level must beastly brutality and moral degradation have risen, if we watch a slaughtering and savor it like a medieval wild mob? Western leadership act as genuine global organized crime, not even hiding the fact. They act on the principle of “you’re guilty anyway, because I want to eat”.

Recently, the pro-American former French president Sarkozy directly threatened Syrian Christians (about 10% of the Syrian population) that in case they continued to support Assad they would be victim to attacks after the overthrow. And these attacks are already taking place. Moreover, not only Christians, but also Druze, Alawites, members of the Baath Party ruling since 1963 are being killed. The real carnage will begin, after the West has succeeded to topple the Assad regime which can become possible only in case of foreign military intervention.

Combined tactics of desintegration and massive attacks

Question: Do you think the West will actually go that far?

Andrej Fursov: This question should be asked to the global organized crime groups who hold their “shares” in Washington, New York, London and Brussels. We can only weigh options. The only military power that NATO counts on is Turkey, which dreams of splitting Syria up into 4 to 6 units and then seizing control over half of them; a structure starting to resemble the former Ottoman Empire. However, such a war is an uncertain affair for Turkey, given the position of Russia, China, Iran, plus the Kurdish issue – even with NATO’s military-technical support. And Syria itself is not a weakling. Rather, it can be assumed that this war will continue, that the West will try to squeeze Syria with the hands of the mercenaries, combining tactics of destruction and massive attacks and trying to physically destroy Assad. US and UK have invested too much in the destruction of the Syrian regime and will only withdraw in case they will have to pay an unacceptably high price for the victory.

Question: And they really put in a lot?

Andrej Fursov: Yes. Both financially and in terms of organization. Back in 2006, the program “democracy in Syria” was launched which provided grants for projects worth $ 5 million. In 2009, the “Council for Democracy” that distributed the grants among the “democratizers” in those countries, which the United States intended to weaken, received $ 6.3 million from the State Department for the implementation of the program “initiative to strengthen civil society” related to Syria (apparently, the Anglo-Saxons believe that by killing Syrian women and children through mercenary hands they are building a civil society).

The “Syrian Business Forum” for example disposes of a fund of at least $ 300 million. Half of this amount is meant for the so-called “Free Syrian Army”’s funding. Saudi Arabia and Qatar that have both signed a secret agreement play an active role in financing the anti-Assad forces. The behavior of the Saudis and of the Qatari Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani give clear evidence of the Western/Salafites alliance. Staged movies about fighting in Tripoli and Damascus were filmed in Qatar, when there has been no fighting yet. The Emir paid the storm of Tripoli and sent a contingent of 6,000 Arab rabble dressed in Qatari military uniform. By the way, bin Jassim ordered the assaults on the Russian Ambassador Vladimir Titorenko in Qatar.

The battle for Eurasia

Question: Some leaders in the West offered the Russian leadership to shelter Assad and his family. Following the motto that the Syrian people will then say “thanks to Moscow”! What will the consequences for Russia be after the collapse of the Assad regime?

Andrej Fursov: Syria is our only ally in the Arab world. With its collapse, we will finally lose all our positions in the region. But it is not only about the Arab world. Russia may easily disappear from the historic scene completely. After Syria and Iran (and that the Atlanticists will attack Iran after Syria is very likely – analysts have even told the name for the operation beginning with an US-Israeli attack on Hezbollah: “Big Storm”) it is likely to be our turn. So we can say, hit Syria (and Iran), and target Russia. Preparation is going on in all directions: the situation in Middle East, the deployment of missile defense, NATO expansion to the East and so on.

Question: Well, the case of missile defense and NATO expansion to the East is clear. How specifically are Syria and Iran linked to our security?

Andrej Fursov: They are close to our borders and our sphere of influence – the Caucasus and Central Asia. If the current regimes in Damascus and Tehran collapse, there will be a continuous zone of chaos controlled by the Atlanticists, spreading from Mauritania and the Maghreb to Kyrgyzstan and Kashmir. The arc of instability will push like a wedge against Central Eurasia, from where Atlanticists are already directly threatening Russia and China. However, first of all Russia.

This is all megalomania – instead of just purchasing the natural resources

Question: Why is Russia first?

Andrej Fursov: The coming global systemic crisis will dramatically increase the importance of control over natural resources. This importance will increase under the conditions of the predicted geo-climatic and geophysical disasters. I am not referring to the mythical “global warming”. I refer to the quite prosaic attenuation of the Gulf Stream, the restructuring of the food chains in the world’s oceans (which happens once in 11½ to 12½ millennia) – these are features of a planetary restructuring that began in the early twentieth century and will only be over in the first thirty years of the 22nd century.

Under such conditions and after such a crisis the only stable area in the world containing resources for the next century will be Northern Eurasia, mainly geospatial Russia. This makes our area the main geo-historical prey of the 21st century and the next few centuries. The well-known Russophobes Zbigniew Brzezinski, Madeleine Albright and many others in the West have often said that it was unfair that Russia has such a space, and such resources. All of which should belong to the world community – that is the Atlantic elites, organized in lodges, clubs, committees, orders and extraordinary structures.

However, this requires gaining control of Northern Eurasia, a concentration area – Central Asia. Americans are already present there, but Syria and Iran separate them from their control of the Middle East and hence Central Asia. The fuse, which was lit in North Africa, is wearing thin here and goes out. Without the destruction of these two countries Atlanticists cannot start the battle for Northern Eurasia. Russia is seen as a source of natural resources, China as a source of workforce, i.e. something secondary. And if this “secondary” dares to hinder the plans of the globalists it will drive them insane. The West currently tackles the resolution of the Russian and Chinese issues with the help of Islam and the Arabs, either in form of controlled chaos of a new Arab invasion or a war between the caliphates against unbelievers.

The Anglo-Saxons, true to their tradition of agitating larger states and nations in order to weaken or destroy each other (twice in the twentieth century Germany and Russia were set against each other), will also try to destroy Islam. This objective will be achieved by the Islam’s maximum radicalization with Wahhabism, deprivation of domestic economic and demographic forces in the course of the Eurasian wars and then by converting the Muslim world into neo-traditional ghettos, deprived of resources and technology. Those who played “Dungeons and Dragons” as a child will probably remember the version of “The World of the Black Sun”.

The globalists will try to break up the Islamic world into many small pieces, which can be controlled with the help of private military companies and mercenaries of multinationals who can squeeze out the rest of the resources and then throw them onto the rubble of history. The West will only control the points of resource concentration (for example the nearly 1,800 kilometers of Mediterranean coast of Libya, which has already become reality). The rest will be handed over to be at the mercy of tribes, clans, and criminal syndicates that control the remaining bits and pieces. These “pieces” can be a part of Saudi Arabia, Pakistan (with a separate Baluchistan), and Iran – a Muslim mosaic. At the same time, the West will need wardens in the region, and this role may well be conceded to a Greater Kurdistan. The only state that can afford to be big.

Question: Why so?

Andrej Fursov: The source of all the major rivers in the region will be in the region of Greater Kurdistan, if once established. This means that in an era of water scarcity and, consequently, an era of “water wars”, the major levers of influence on the region will be in the hands of the Kurds, this ancient people – just as in the days of Assyria. Kurdistan could become a major watchdog in the area, succeeding Israel in this role.

Question: Could you be more precise about Israel, please!

Andrej Fursov: Israel’s prospects in a changing Middle East are very vague. In all likelihood, the West will dismantle Israel as it has become unnecessary, which was predicted by Arnold J. Toynbee in 1957. Certainly, only after evacuating the “upper third” of the population. The option to create a Greater Kurdistan and dismantle Israel is probable – not at one hundred percent but highly probable. This is of course not an affair of the next few years.

Do not trust the adders

Question: What should Russia do in this dramatic situation developing around Syria?

Andrej Fursov: The same as it already does – support Syria at best, not to let it be crushed.

We have already sent a naval unit, not in a great number, but it is better than nothing. Besides, if we wage war, it is necessary to fight rather by skills than by number. Next. On 7 June two intercontinental ballistic test missiles were launched; “Topol” (which we confirmed) and “Bulava” (not confirmed, but the Americans claim that it was launched). This is a certain sign. After all Russia is still a nuclear power, despite all military reforms; and it is us, not the Chinese, that the Americans have always considered their main enemy and they will continue to do so.

Our diplomats are doing their job. I liked the way Vitali Churkin talked to the Ambassador of Qatar, and I notice with satisfaction the impotent rage that Madame Clinton and some minor officials of the State Department demonstrated against our leadership. I welcome the Syrian air defense having obtained 18 units of our “Buk-M2” missile systems and 36 units of our missile defense systems “Shell C1”; and deliveries of the S-300 systems and Mi-25 helicopters are pending.

I very much reckon on the survival instinct of the Russian leadership and the fact that they drew the right conclusion from the tragic fates of Milosevic, Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi. They all once trusted the West – and paid with their lives for it. Shakespeare’s Hamlet speaks of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern “… whom I will trust as I will adders fang’d”. You cannot trust adders – they bite, and they fatally do so in the banal physical sense of the word.

Or they try to bite, using internal problems which Russia really has in abundance. Is it by accident that the gathering of the “white ribbons” in late 2011 and early 2012 strangely coincided with the statements of the Russian leadership on a tough stance on the Syrian issue? I think not. And in all strictness we are facing a “fifth column” here which emerged over the last quarter of the century.

We live in an era of war, which began with the NATO aggression against Yugoslavia and which is now knocking boots at the Syrian gate. In such an era we have to act along the lines of war. No one has been able to defeat the external enemy, or at least successfully confront him without the suppression of the “fifth column”; of course, by law, only by law.

And finally, we need an effective international military-political alliance capable of curbing the aggressor and bring about security, or at least a break of some 8 or 10 years’ time. During this time, Russia may be able to recover and prepare for the great war of the 21st century – the last hunt for the era of capitalism, which, unfortunately, can most likely not be avoided. Prepare and succeed.

Well, and for the moment we will have to keep potential enemies at bay and support the weak in beating the aggressor far away – not only strategically, but also morally.

Lessons and prognoses

Question: What did Russia learn from Libya and Syria?

Andrej Fursov: First of all, do not trust the Western elite in any case. It will always consider us its main enemy, and will strike adamantly at the time of our maximum weakness at which it is incessantly working to finally solve the Russian issue. As noted by Leonid Shebarshin: “The West wants only one thing from Russia: that Russia will no longer exist”. The example of Libya showed us how to erase the weak. With the example of Syria we observe how the stronger ones may give somebody a rough time.

Second, the Libyan-Syrian version of the NATO aggression shows how things will develop in case of military action: mercenaries, mostly Arabs, and private military companies will do the fighting. According to the Syrian scheme they will try to destabilize the Caucasus and the Volga region: Capturing of a city or part of it, massacres, appeal to “the global public”, which would require the imposition of sanctions, monitoring, base creation (although we already have one in Ulyanovsk, the rear base of NATO).

Third: With the decisive role of the external factor, the state of the “object” plays an important role with the situation in Syria: an inefficient system of governance, corruption etc, which all creates a point of vulnerability. In this respect, Russia is also very vulnerable: the same lack of good governance, corruption, criminalization of the economy, the tight integration of the economic elite in the world economy and, therefore, a class of pro-Western compradores, with a low professional and moral level of the upper classes, the rule of clan interests over the public interest. Not to mention the collapse of the army, the spiritual and moral crisis, as well as the “wearing off” of human potential of an important part of the population.

It is true, the external threat can mobilize and unite people, as has always been the case with the Russians, whether in 1612, in 1812, in 1941. And the enemy is well aware of that. In this regard a recent article by Henry Kissinger about the Syrian situation is rather interesting. Unlike his usual habit of writing clearly, there is a lot of vague reasoning in this article, including the mentioning of the Holy Roman Empire and how its final downfall was brought about. But following the pure logic of the text and articulating exactly what one of the major “wirepullers” of the world hinted at, we read the following: “Old Henry” warns the West about the undesirability of such pressure on Syria, which will cause a tough stance of Russia and drive it towards a confrontation with the West. As a result, there is a risk of losing everything one has achieved over the last 20 years, to weaken Russia. And these achievements were more important than Syria.

1) Do not trust the Western elite in any case.
2) Mercenaries, mostly Arabs, and private military companies will do the fighting.
3) An inefficient system of governance, corruption etc, which all creates a point of vulnerability.

Kissinger, the sharp dog, really gets to the bottom of things!

Indeed, the confrontation with the West can fundamentally change the situation in Russia, in all social strata and above all in the upper class, which will not only understand but feel first-hand that the Western elite will never accept them in their circles, and sooner or later they will be devoured up. And if so, the course must change essentially, at least for the sake of wealth, status and life. Examples of pro-Western Arab leaders such as Ben Ali and Mubarak, demonstrate the validity of the remarkable Russian geo-politician Alexej Yedrichin-Wandram’s thesis: “Worse than a feud with Anglo-Saxons can only be a friendship with them.” The West, especially the Anglo-Saxons, do not guarantee anything, especially to those who betrayed their country and its people. As the ancients said, “Roma traditoribus non premia” (Rome does not pay traitors). More precisely, they pay, but only to a certain point. And then they go separate ways. And this is also a lesson that Moscow learnt from the Middle East.

Question: When, in your opinion, can we expect distinct changes of the situation?

Andrej Fursov: Well, am I a prophet? Forecasting is difficult in the modern world, which is at the crossroads. But if you start from the state of the US economy, whose remission (in the medical understanding) is projected to be completed in early spring of 2013, and if you consider that serious action will not be taken until the US presidential election, it might happen in the period between December 2012 and February 2013.

Question: For heaven’s sake! You just mentioned mystical dates: the end of the world according to the Mayan calendar, the approaching of the celestial murderer Nibiru ...

Andrej Fursov: This is not a mystery but a manipulation of public opinion, to divert mankind from the real problems and intimidate them to the extent that a man shouts: “I want a world government, as only that will protect me from disaster, from a giant asteroid, or aliens!” The “boys” are much more dangerous than aliens, because they are beyond good and evil and devour humanity like ruthless reptiles. They are the ones charging Syria and it is precisely them that we must now stop on the Syrian border. As Voltaire said “Ecrasez l’infame!” (Crush the infamous vermin).

Jewgenij Tschernych
KP.ru, 15 August, 2012.

Translation Current Concerns N°37, 10 September, 2012: