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Israeli policy: The point of view of Arab journalists
Zero option on the Palestinian track

The report that was carried by Haaretz about the inclination of Netanyahu’s government to consecrate its control over the occupied territories of the West Bank in a legal way, but also the settlement blocs built since the Oslo accords –and which Israel pledged to dismantle more than once with American-European-Russian guarantees- came as a translation of the developments that were confirmed by American President Barack Obama’s speech about the so-called two state-solution.

25 July 2011

President Obama considered that the settlement blocs in the West Bank conveyed the population growth and called for the consecration of the final outcome, i.e. the confiscation of the lands while perceiving the territories inhabited by the Palestinians in the occupied West Bank - and which are surrounded by the racial segregation wall despite the will of international justice - as being the geographic space of the promised Palestinian state project.

Netanyahu is building alleged rights for the settlers who violated the land and is bluntly announcing there is no land to be exchanged in Israel. He thus toppled the Palestinian illusion that was planted by the Americans regarding the possible compensation of some confiscated areas in the occupied West Bank with parts of the Negev Desert which would be annexed to the Gaza Strip in a political patch up of the structure of the Palestinian mini-state.

In the meantime, Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas is still chasing the “negotiations” illusion and trying to link the move toward the United Nations to request the recognition of the alleged state, to the determination to keep the possible negotiations with Netanyahu’s government open.

New Orient News (Lebanon)
Editor in chief: Wassim Raad
Orient Tendencies No 39, July 25, 2011.