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The troubles in Syria as seen by Arab journalists
Syria: Marginal extensions behind the Takfiris and the agents of the West


9 May 2011

Some liberal and left wing groups and personalities in Syria are participating in the actions staged against the authority, while trying to give the impression that the ongoing actions carry their own print. In the meantime, some veteran left wing figures from outside of Syria are calling – based on the aforementioned - for the adoption of positions supporting these actions. The nature of the forces composing the so-called Syrian opposition prompts the conclusion that what is happening cannot be perceived without taking into consideration the crucial political role of the Muslim Brotherhood organization, which is supported by the United States, Europe, Saudi Arabia and Qatar in order to undermine the resisting Syrian national and patriotic positions.

These liberals and left-wingers know very well that following the weakening of the existing Syrian state, this front’s next goal will be to get rid of and eliminate the left wing and liberal groups, unless the direct outcome of the weakening of the centralized state is a civil war that would last years if not decades and that will consequently eliminate the dreams of reform of the people as it happened with the Lebanese dream of change in the seventies. Indeed, the latter dream has been broken and absent for over thirty years, because the Lebanese left wing got lost in the lap of a traditional command that wanted to exploit its popular momentum to serve its status within the sectarian regime, knowing there is no room for any comparison between the popular weight of the Syrian opposition groups and the Lebanese left wing before the war. This is due to the fact that all the components of the Syrian opposition failed to gather 50 thousand demonstrators from all the Syrian regions on any given Friday, while millions abstained from taking to the streets, especially following the speeches of strife coming from abroad and the horrific killings which targeted officers and soldiers. These millions are supporting President Al-Assad, the centralized state and the national principles

New Orient News (Lebanon)
Orient Tendencies No 28, 9 May, 2011.