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Ai miei lettori


Luglio 2007

Cari lettori,

Vi ringrazio per i vostri invii che leggo con interesse. Purtroppo non posso rispondere a ognuno di voi.

Ringrazio pure calorosamente le traduttrici e i traduttori, che con il loro nobile gesto vogliono solo testimoniare, invitare alla ragionevolezza, a una migliore comprensione del mondo e dei problemi.

Who are we?

The digital newspaper offers a body of information and analyses dealing mainly with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and its multiple aspects and consequences, in particular:
-  systematic violations of elementary rights of the Palestinian people;
-  upheavals and tragedies triggered from the Middle East to the Maghreb by the State of Israel’s policy of domination of and permanent confrontation with its neighbours;
-  the hold of the pro-Israeli lobby on the main western governments and media; and
-  the disastrous consequences of all these factors on world peace.

Our ambition

To offer free and fair information independent of all political or financial power and of all ideological bent;
allow true understanding of ongoing conflicts through the highlighting of information ignored or presented in a biased manner by the established media;
denounce media and journalists that manipulate information and pressure groups that take advantage of their standing to banish any dissident voice from public debates;
contribute to the growth of a free debate on all topics covered by; and build a world that is freer, more just, more egalitarian, more fraternal and more humane.

Silvia Cattori