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Al-Nosra took over the ancient city of Maalula, whose inhabitants speak the language of Jesus

Very bad news. Al-Nusra took over Maalula, the ancient city whose inhabitants speak the language of Jesus , and where the famous Monastery is situated. An explosive-laden vehicle has been reportedly detonated at the entrance of Maalula city in Damascus countryside, followed by an attack by the fighters of al-Katibah al-Khadraa (Green Battalion), a branch of al-Nusra Front on the city’s outskirts, where fierce clashes took place with Syrian Army forces. - [Silvia Cattori]

5 September 2013 | - : Syria Interference Terrorism

For no reason, at four o’clock AM Wednesday the 4th of September, local time, a large number of terrorists compound of the Free Syrian army, front Jabhat Al-Nosra and the Islamic state of Iraq and the Levant, attacked the ancient city of Maalula and start killing innocent people, destroying their homes, monasteries and churches.

Yes, it is terrible; this is what happened today in the ancient city of Maalula, where armed gangs spread in the city, and set up their weapons in the city square, and shut the doors of monasteries and historical temples.

Maalula is a town, one of 3 places on earth, that speaks Aramaic the original language of Jesus christ, and dominated by Christian families since the beginning of Christianity.