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May 15 : A Day to remember
Palestine 62 years after the NAKBA

On May 15, 1948, the day following the proclamation of the State of Israel by David Ben Gurion, began a war of dispossession that would drive Palestinians from their land and that they called the Nakba: The Catastrophe (*). To commemorate this painful anniversary, here is a brief excerpt of an interview with Gilad Atzmon, and two moving videos.

15 May 2010 | - : Israel Lobbies Palestine

Palestinian refugees, 1948

To the question ”Don’t Israelis or Jews have the right for a national homeland, a safe homeland?”, Gilad Atzmon answers:

“Strictly speaking the answer is NO. If the Jews ever had a right for a national home, they lost this right a long time ago. As we know Zionism celebrated the Jewish national revival at the expense of the Palestinian people.

Would you allow a bunch of Italian lunatics to invade your home in Athens just because they are convinced that your dwelling was once part of the Roman Empire? They could claim that your home was a property of their Roman forefathers. Clearly, Italians wouldn’t get away with it, but Zionists did, at least for a while.

There is no right for a racist state that celebrates its tribal symptoms at the expense of others.” [1]

- Video showing the touching and peaceful Palestine before the Nakba of 1948:

Silvia Cattori

(*) The Nakba (Catastrophe in Arabic) has never ceased. This is the story of the deliberate destruction of Palestine. Annihilation accompanied by massacres and programmed expulsions against its Arab residents. The Nakba is an ongoing process, not the past.

On this subject, and the systematic policy of apartheid undertaken by the State of Israel, see:
- The video of a remarkable statement given by Hazem Jamjoum, under the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXlhnvqw1AY
- And the article "Not an analogy: Israel and the Crime of Apartheid", by Hazem Jamjoum, The Electronic Intifada, April 3, 2009.

[1On my way to Athens”, by Gilad Atzmon, gilad.co.uk, May 14,2010.

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